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Ricardo Fernandez y Garcia de Los Rios, fundador del bufete de abogados
Ricardo Fernández
y García de los Ríos

Fundador del bufete de abogados
GRB Legal & Finance
From its origins,

GRB Legal & Finance proved to have a true vocation for international business and foreign law. This is how they were able to reach agreements to work in collaboration with European Union offices, such as the prestigious firm Branton & Edwards in the English city of Manchester.

Over time, GRB Legal & Finance has experienced outstanding growth, becoming a law firm with specialists in each and every speciality in Applied Business Law, as well as in other fundamental areas of productivity: urban development, new technologies, human resources, communication and image.

The structure of this law firm is formed by departments with lawyers and professionals specialising in their respective fields. Our clients are provided with legal advice in accordance with their needs.

Our structure allows us to be extremely competitive in comparison with much bigger law firms which are sometimes unable to overcome the difficulties that require the quick and organized combination of specialist knowledge in different areas.

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